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Infectious Joy at Farm Double Header

By LBLL 03/10/2020, 9:15am PDT

Toros, Tacos, Perros Santos and Papas Fritas showcase their skills at the Bay

Something was spreading from person to person at a rapid rate down at the LBLL park this past Saturday... JOY!!!  The source of the outbreak was a quartet of Farm Division teams that took over LBLL Park and brought smiles to the weekend crowd with their impressive enthusiasm, skill and sportsmanship.

With the upper division teams in high gear, its easy to forget where they all started - and sometimes even harder to imagine that the youngsters in Tee-ball and Farm will be throwing heat and launching bombs before you know it. Lunada Bay Little League goes quick; it will happen in the blink of an eye, so we are issuing you an advisory: SOAK IT UP WHILE YOU CAN!  

To help you do this, we have made sure this season will feature more lower division games than ever at the main LBLL fields, so check the schedule, grab a friend, nab some nom-noms at the shack, and take a seat in the bleachers to catch a glimpse of these future stars.

A Full Slate of T-ball and Farm Games on Tap at LBLL Plaza this Saturday 2/29

As part of Opening Day 2020, T-ball and Farm teams will be taking over Lunada Bay Little League Park! A huge slate of Lower Division games will take place starting with the Mudhens v Knights on the Minors Field, followed by a gaggle of Lower Division games topped off by a rare Farm game on the LBLL Majors Field - when the Tacos take on the Papas Fritas at 4:00. 

Whether you are a new family looking to dip your toe into the LBLL experience or an upper division veteran or and alum or even a community fan -- there is no better way to catch the feels by The Bay than to commiserate in the Plaza, listen to the sounds of Spring 2020, scarf down a hotdog and cheer on some wide eyed kiddos as they take the field. 

Plus if you spend the afternoon with us, you will also get a glimpse of the near future and what those kids will be like in a few short years when the Int Angels take on the Int Rockies (11:00 Majors Field) followed by the Maj Dodgers v the visiting RHLL Cardinals (1:30 Majors Field).

Opening Day only comes once a year to the Bay. Don't miss it!


By G. Santos/LBLL 02/23/2020, 6:15pm PST

Budding Ballers Show Strong Fundamentals and Sportsmanship

On a sunny afternoon this past weekend, the LBLL Farm Division kicked off on the Minors Field in a matchup between the Jefes and the Papas Fritas. Fundamentals (with a capital F-U-N) were on display in this early season showcase of developing skill and sportsmanship. 

After just a few spring training pre-season practices, the youngsters looked extremely sharp on their 1st game of the season. It was noticeable from the beginning that players had learned the important lesson of manning their positions and not chasing after the baseball as a group -- a significant feat for the coaches. 

The work put into proper fielding drills and techniques was evident as both teams made amazing plays, fielding all the ground balls, executing throws to 1st base, and understanding the race to get the ball to 1st before the runner reaches!

The teams practice batting with the LBLL pitching machine; however, there were issues with the mechanical thrower in the 1st inning, so in an effort to speed up game play both managers agreed to do coach pitch the rest of the way. Making Powerade out of lemons, the kids kept bringing the hits!

All of the young sluggers had fun blasting balls with solid contact --spraying hits all over the big infield, and in many cases way out to the outfield grass. 

At the end of the game, Jefes' skipper Gerry Santos gave a big shout out to Manager Pat Carey of the Papas Fritas saying the small fries were "so great, organized, and well mannered." Santos also credited Coach Carey for moving swiftly to ensure the game happened at LBLL after an issue with the fields at PVIS. 

Catch more lower division action at the LBLL Park and Plaza this coming Saturday!