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The 2018 season of Lunada Bay Little League baseball gets underway this Saturday with tryouts!  The schedule is below.  Please note a few things:

--- Please consider your child's age to be the "league age" (how old your child will be as of 8/31/18, the Little League cutoff date for age determinations)

--- Only the new, legal bats approved by USA Baseball will be permitted for tryout purposes.  We will have some extras available for those who have not obtained their own bats.

--- Players who will be in T-ball and Farm -- generally players who are league ages 5-7 -- need not try out.  Advanced league age 7 players who would like to be considered for Minors should try out with the 8 year olds.

--- Please note that the schedule below is an estimated schedule.  We will roll forward with the next group of players as soon as the prior group is finished, so we may get ahead of schedule.  Please arrive early.

Play ball!!

  • Tryout Schedule (all estimates - be sure to arrive EARLY!):
    • 8:00 am:  12 year old checkins begin, and the checkin desk remains open throughout

      8:15 am to 9:00 am:  12 year old skills tests

      9:00 am to 9:40 am:  11 year old skills tests

      9:40 am to 10:15 am:  10 year old skills tests

      10:15 am to 11:00 am:  9 year old skills tests

      11:00 am to 11:45 am:  Skills tests for 8 year olds and any 7 year olds who want to be considered for Minors (FYI - 7yos in Minors are very rare)

  • The general flow for all ages will be, in groups of 5-6 at a time:

HIT & RUN:  3 pitches for hitting off a machine, running all the way to third base after 3rd swing (whether they hit the last pitch or not).

  • FIELD & THROW:  From short stop, take 2 grounders, and throw each to first.

  • CATCH:  Take two "pop flies" near center field from machine or a helper near third base (9/8/7YO's will take two lower/easier "pop flies").

  • PITCH:  From the mound, pitch 2-3 pitches to a catcher at the plate.