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Hit-A-Thon 2019 for ALL DIVISIONS

LBLL is proud to host its third annual Hit-A-Thon event, which provides a chance for our players to showcase the hitting skills they have developed over the season while raising critical funds to support the league at the same time.  Each player will get six swings and the hits will be scored, with the point totals then generating money based on the amounts pledged.  If every player raises just $50, this will be a $10,000 fundraiser for our league!  This helps us pay for all the things big and small that allow game day to happen, such as uniforms, equipment, umpires, utilities, field maintenance, etc., etc., etc.  Please give generously and come out on April 28 to cheer on our players!

From all the kids and coaches and the entire Lunada Bay Little League family -- 



Sunday, April 28, 2019, Noon to 3:30 pm

  • Each team will have a fifteen-minute slot. Players should be in uniform to represent your team!

  • Please be prompt – we will run fast and run on time! See separate slot schedule.

  • Each player will get six pitches from the machine (or swings from the tee in T-Ball)

    o Sixth pitch / swing is a 2x bonus ball.

  • For Major and Intermediate players, hits will be scored:

    o 25 points for regular ground ball or fly ball landing in the infield
    o 50 points for a ball landing in the first half of the outfield or hard ground ball
    o 75 points for a ball landing in the second half of the outfield
    o 100 points for a home run! (180’ fence for Major and Intermediate participants)

  • Similar scoring structure but appropriately reduced and scaled dimensions for Minor, Farm, and T-ball participants.

  • An average hitter would be expected to score 250 to 300 points
    o So a per-point donation of ten cents per point would likely yield a donation of $25

    to $30.

  • Each hitter should commit to an expected point total for himself or herself as his or her

    “challenge number” – additional percentage or flat donations for exceeding the challenge

    number are also encouraged!

  • And of course flat pledges in honor of participation are always appreciated!

  • Each player should gather pledges on the attached pledge sheet prior to the Hit-A-Thon.

  • Then each player should bring the pledge sheet to the Hit-A-Thon so that the designated

    official (likely the team manager) can record the scores as the player hits.

  • After the Hit-A-Thon, compute your totals and gather money and turn it in to your

    manager by May 6, 2019.

  • Managers to turn scores and money in to League Treasurer by May 10, 2019.

  • Team with the most collected money turned in to League Treasurer by May 10, 2019 gets

    a pizza party!

  • Trophies and Closing Day recognition to the individual batting and fundraising winners

    in all five divisions!

  • Good luck!


The Hit-A-Thon Schedule of teams will be as follows on the Major and Minor fields, respectively:

Noon:  Farm River Bandits, Minor Giants

12:15:  Farm Red Wings, Major Cubs

12:30:  Farm Dash, Major Diamondbacks

12:45:  Farm Hot Rods, Major Dodgers

1:00: Tee Storm, Intermediate Angels

1:15: Tee Raptors, Intermediate Astros

1:30: Tee Marauders, Intermediate Cubs

1:45: Tee Grasshoppers, Minor Dodgers

2:00: Tee Lake Monsters, Minor Angels

2:15: Tee Hooks, [Open slot]

2:30: Tee Tin Caps, Intermediate Dodgers

2:45: Tee Bats   Minor Mariners

3:00: Individual make-ups if on schedule and time allows