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By LBLL/S.Hunter, 01/21/21, 11:30AM PST


LBLL given permission to re-open fields with restrictions

Lunada Bay Families,

I hope that everyone is safe and healthy and enjoying 2021 more than 2020. I for one, am happy to put last year in the rear view mirror and look forward to brighter times that will return us and our community back to a sense of normalcy. The purpose of today’s communication is to announce LBLL’s short term plans surrounding the 2021 Spring Season and to give you a sense for our longer term hopes for the rest of the year.

Just last week PVPUSD reissued our permits to use our fields at Lunada Bay Elementary, PVIS and our main Lunada Bay Little League fields. While being in possession of these permits is a huge step to bringing baseball back to our community it is still contingent on our county, state and local guidelines. At this point we have clearance to operate in an environment that allows us to use our fields to practice and train, but unfortunately no games can be played. Going forward we have decided to create “training pods” by league age. Each age group from our 12 year olds down to our 5 year olds will be led by two coaches and each pod will have no more than 12 players. If there are more than twelve players for each age group then we will create another pod with an equal amount of participants. No kid that wants to play baseball will be turned away. These pods will have two practices per week, one on the weekend and another during the week. We have a safety protocol for these practices and we will be providing that to everyone in short order. If you would like to volunteer to be one of the coaches for a specific age group please email Damian Capozzola at

It is our hope and intention to begin this “training” phase as soon as possible depending on registration, selection of the coaches, assembling the practice pods and creating a practice schedule.  We believe that we can be back on our fields in these pods by the end of January or the first part of February. It is also our intention to continue this phase until restrictions are eased and or lifted by our state, county and local officials. At that time we will reassess and determine the best direction forward with the intention of having at least a modified season. To be clear, we plan to and expect to have a Spring 2021 season in some form at all levels.

Back in November we opened registration for our Spring 2021 season to gauge interest and have the infrastructure in place in case we were given the ability to get back on the field. We will use that registration for this modified training. If and when we are given the green light for a competitive season we will open a new registration at that time and determine an appropriate cost. If you have not registered and you would like to participate in this pre-season training please go and register today at If you registered and you are not interested in this program please go and cancel your registration through your sports engine account. If you registered previously and you would like to participate you will be receiving another communication from the league to secure payment.

The cost for this pre-season training is $100 per player. This fee will help cover ongoing field maintenance, insurance, supplies and help replenish our operating account that has been depleted over the last ten months. If your son/daughter would like to participate but this cost is prohibitive to you and your family, please reach out to me personally at to discuss.

Thanks again for your patience over the last ten months and for your continued support of the league. It feels great to be moving forward and I can’t wait to see our kids back on our fields. Apologies if this is a duplicate e-mail but we want to be sure we reach everyone.  As always if you have any questions please reach out. Thanks and Go Bay!

LBLL President Scott Hunter