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Capital Improvements / Financials

Capital Improvements

Each year, the Lunada Bay Little League Board uses money from player registration, along with sponsorship money and personal  donations, to improve the playing and viewing experience of our League.

Over the past two years, here are some of the improvements we have made:


  • Created 50/70 length field with new, larger infield
  • Replaced sprinkler systems
  • New covers for pitching machines
  • New nets for cages
  • New pitching screen
  • Shades for Minors  field
    • Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Brannan 


  • Added turf infield to Majors field
  • Re-sodded outfield grass
  • Shades for Majors field
  • Helped create the Peninsula Junior League with 3 other "Hill" Little Leagues and contributed to improving George Allen field

New shades for the Minors fields (Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs Brannan)

Plaque thanking all those that donated for the 2017 Majors turf